Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Long Time....

Hi to my friends out there...well its been a very long time since I have been about and I even thought that this blogg may have been closed.

I now find myself in a happier place..I have made new friends and am blessed with old ones who have stuck by me thru thick and thin...and there have been more thin times than I would have liked..Since John passed away, I have crashed the car, been burgled and suffered the pipes bursting during the cold weather snap...but all that is behind me now and 2011 is looking up!!

Crafting has given me a lot of pleasure in recent months, and I'm finding myself sitting in my little domain crafting more and more, so this year will be the year when I keep my promise to make more!!!
I made this card for a young lad who lives near me...he wanted a card for his girlfriend!! They are both only 12 and thought "How Cute"...I can remember my first love...I was 13..Long distance tho as he was from Bristol, but we have recently found each other on fb and are now long distance friends. (Something else to make me smile)
Febuary has bought a surprise, as I received a beautiful boquet of flowers, only thing is no one will admit to sending them..So I feel loved but dont know who by lol...
Well, that just about it for now...

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