Sunday, 3 February 2013

 I was intending to buy some pearl and diamante flourishes, as they look so lovely on some of the cards I have seen recently. However, on seeing how much some of them were, unless its a REALLY special card for someone you love, this was making the card very expensive if I was going to try and sell it!

As my printer is out of commission for a while, instead of colouring digis I thought I would have a go at making my own flourish embellishments.

These were the end results.
You will need:

Die Cutting machine.
A few of your favourite flourish dies.
Doublesided adhesive.
Flatbacked pearls and gems.
Tweezers or pokey tool.

Using the doublesided adhesive, cut a flourish.
Remove from die and take one side of the wax paper from the flourish...Add your gems and pearls as required. This is quite time consuming and can be a little "sticky" to say the least.. Infact I found that a wooden cocktail stick was the best tool as this did not seem to stick the the adhesive as much.
All that is required then is to carefully remove the other carrier paper from the reverse when you are ready to use...