Monday, 4 March 2013

 As you can tell by the amount of posts on this blog recently, I have been off on sick leave for some time.
However, today was my first day back to work..allbeit on a phased in process. Today I did 3 hours and to be honest after a few hours I had had enough..Its surprising what stress and depresion can do to your body along side your mental health. I feel physically drained.

During the last week of my absence, I created 2 very different cards using the same Sherri Baldy image..
I really enjoy using Sherri's digis as they give scope to use plent of lovely bright and neon tones of colour.
I'm not a big fan of pale and wishywashy pastels..much prefer to see a card coming at 50 paces rather that it being lost amonst 20 others on the mantel piece.

Dee xx

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