Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fantastic Day at the Dome

My Friend Sarah and I went to the Stamp Magic Show at the Dome in Doncaster today..We had a fab day out, only to get stuck for 45 mins in Asdas' car park..What had happened there was anyones guess but it sure was busy...Must have been all us crafters nipping in to get our tea lol.

I bought a mass of stamps, all of which I intend to use very shortly. Also got some guilding flakes, of which I have had a little play with tonight.

I have a friend who lives in USA and I have bought her some Pro Markers to try, so I hope she will like them.

Rocky's eye is still not right yet, so I think it will be another trip to the vets on Monday. Thank God that I have insurance for them both..The vets bills are horrendous.

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