Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My poor little pug......

I already have one dog that lost his eye, now my other little pug (Rocky) is having problems with his. I had to have him to the vets this morning as he has scratched the surface..The vet put some drops in and now he has one brown and one green (mustard) coloured eye...Looks very freaky!!!!! Now its a 24 hr watch to ensure that it doesn't develop into an ulcer...He's looking very sorry for himself at the mo.

I have been doing a scrapbook for a girl at work to give to her brother for Fathers Day. I gave it to her this morning and I'm pleased to say that she was over the moon with it .

As I have the afternoon off I will get some serious crafting done. I have a boat load of orders for cards but I'm struggling to find an image, so if anyone can help...I'm wanting a pig on a skateboard..preferably in cartoon style!

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  1. AAAwwww Dee Im sorry to hear that Rocky is having problems. Thank you for your comment on my card, it was kind of you to take time to comment. its not difficult at all to make, you would be able to do it no problem.