Sunday, 7 June 2009

My First Blog

My name is Dee, welcome to my blog.

I have been making cards for now what seems a lifetime and I cant think of a hobby I have enjoyed more.
As I get this up and running, I will hopefully load cards and instructions..
This may take sometime as I am just learning, so please be patient with me.

Thanks for looking



  1. hello Dee, welcome to blogland, hope you have fun, its great when people come to visit & leave coments on your work, you'll be blogging in no time. If you have a minute, please come visit me at would love for you to visit.


  2. well done dee its now going to become very addictive welcome to blogland love jenniexx

  3. Hi Dee welcome to blogsville. Hope you enjoy creating your very own bit the web. I'm sure you will enjoy it.. Will call back soon... Peter XX
    (DC a man alone)